My workers' compensation case is being delayed.

One of the most common complaints that we hear from new workers' compensation clients at Wagner & Wagner Attorneys at Law is that their cases have been delayed and they are having difficulty getting medical bills paid. This is often what prompts an injured worker to call an attorney. We welcome inquiries of this type. Call or e-mail Wagner & Wagner Attorneys at Law in Chattanooga to schedule a free initial consultation about a workers' compensation case at any stage.

Our law firm has a demonstrated history of success resolving workers' compensation cases that were not moving forward as they should.

  • Sometimes we find that a claim has been delayed for a legitimate reason and we counsel clients on how to overcome those reasons.
  • Some of our new clients already had begun working with other law firms but have seen no progress in their workers' compensation cases. We are prepared to take over as legal counsel in workers' compensation cases where previous legal counsel was ineffective.
  • We review medical reports to prepare compelling evidence regarding the severity of a worker's injury in order to prepare for a successful appeal — and we very often succeed in getting the client the needed benefits.


When we hear a potential client say, "My workers' compensation case is being delayed," we seek to impart help and hope. Very often, our experience enables us to discover and overcome obstacles to receipt of benefits that an injured worker needs. Call or email an attorney today regarding a workers' compensation claim, injury, compensation or any other aspect of a workplace injury case in Tennessee or in neighboring areas of Georgia.