Motorcycle Accidents

A motorcycle accident falls in a class of its own. When a car, truck, or SUV collides into a small, vulnerable motorcycle, the motorcyclist is a sitting duck for devastating personal injuries. These types of accidents can involve severe and often fatal injuries, and the physical effects of a crash can be lifelong and very expensive. A serious personal injury can change your life forever. Because these types of accidents are so unique, bringing a claim against the other driver requires expert legal knowledge and decades of experience to get you the compensation you need and deserve.

The motorcycle accident attorneys at Wagner & Wagner offer professional, seasoned legal guidance that can be invaluable for asserting your rights after a crash and getting high dollar compensation.


Auto injury law is complex enough, but when you add a motorcycle into the equation, the laws applying to the scenario become even more confusing. That is why you need our skilled legal team. We can sort through all of the red tape and explain the laws in plain English as they apply to you. If you or a member of your family has been seriously injured in a motorcycle collision, trust the motorcycle accident lawyers with Wagner & Wagner to get just compensation for you or the family member who was injured or killed. The Wagner law firm has been working with motorcycle accident victims since 1945, and we know the ins and outs of Georgia and Tennessee accident laws.


At Wagner & Wagner, we have witnessed the aftermath of too many motorcycle accidents. We have seen devastation and death, but we have also seen extreme resilience and miraculous recoveries. In our experience, it is often the families who have the resources necessary to afford top medical care that fare best in the long term. Ample compensation from the other driver’s insurance company can help you get the therapy, surgeries, and other treatments needed for optimal health, as well as protect your family’s assets and quality of life. While you focus on your recovery, we will focus on the legal aspects of your case and will fight to get you the compensation to which you are entitled.

Discover how our Chattanooga motorcycle accident lawyers can improve your situation with expert advice after a motorcycle accident. For immediate answers and a compassionate ear, please contact our office.