Helping Victims of Nursing Home Injuries

Your elderly family member does not have to have visible bruises to be a victim of nursing home abuse. The Tennessee nursing home abuse lawyers at Wagner & Wagner strive to educate families on the many ways in which abuse can occur.

Unfortunately, abusers often use fear and intimidation to keep residents quiet. In most cases of abuse, it is the family members who are ultimately responsible for bringing the mistreatment to light. If you are worried about your loved one’s behavior, and you think that abuse or neglect may be taking place, do not hesitate to act on your suspicions.

There are many types of injuries that can happen to nursing home residents. Physical abuse is perhaps the most obvious form, but staff members can also engage in the more subtle types of emotional abuse, neglect, sexual abuse, and theft.


Physical abuse occurs when a nursing home staff member inflicts physical harm on a resident. This can include hitting, kicking, slapping, restraining, shoving, and over- or under-medicating.


An elderly resident may become a victim of emotional abuse if a staff member uses degrading language, name-calling, threats, and other intimidation tactics to control them. This type of abuse may also coexist along with physical abuse, for example, when a staff member threatens to harm a resident’s family members if they "tell."


Neglect occurs when a nursing home employee withholds basic care in order to punish or intimidate a resident. For example, denial of food and water, medication, treatment, social interaction, phone calls, and visitation are all considered forms of neglect.


Sexual predators working in nursing homes may prey on the weaknesses of residents and use their medical conditions to take advantage of them. In some cases, if administrative persons failed to do thorough background checks, hiring registered sex offender or criminal staff, they may be held responsible for the abuse as well.


Theft occurs more frequently than you might think in nursing homes. Staff members are often found to be responsible for stealing small personal belongings, using extortion to gain money or belongings, or tricking residents into handing over life savings, benefits, and other assets.

If you are uncomfortable with the way your loved one is being treated and you suspect abuse or neglect, talk to our Tennessee nursing home abuse lawyers immediately. We can discuss your concerns, begin a full investigation, and make sure your loved one is moved to safety. Please contact us now for a free consultation.