Questions About Defective Products

Do I have a case against a company for making a defective product?

If you or a family member was hurt after using the product, you may have a claim against the creator, manufacturer, or retailer. To find out if you have a case, please contact the Chattanooga defective product attorneys at Wagner & Wagner for a free claim evaluation.

How do the labeling and instructions play a role in defective product claims?

Product makers have a duty to explicitly instruct consumers on proper usage, and to warn them of the dangers of misuse. They should also provide proper handling and storing information. In many cases, a company will fail to provide the proper warnings and potential dangers, increasing the odds that an injury will occur. Even if a label did contain some information about the dangers of the product, a company may not be immune to a lawsuit if the injuries were severe or a company’s negligence was egregious.

How much will the responsible company have to pay my family?

Your defective product attorney will evaluate your case and recommend an amount of compensation based on factors like severity of harm, degree of negligence, and any illegal activity that is discovered, such as ignoring FDA protocol.

Should I contact the manufacturer or retailer?

After experiencing an injury while using a defective product, your first thought is to trace where the product came from and get some answers. You may find it incredibly difficult to get a hold of the right people, especially when you are dealing with a large motor vehicle corporation like Ford or a drug manufacturer like Bristol-Meyers Squibb. It is recommended that you talk to an experienced Georgia defective product attorney first, before you attempt to communicate with company executives.

What should I do with the defective product?

Make sure you save the product, along with any instructions, warranty information, manufacturer or retailer correspondence, and packaging. Bring these items to your initial consultation with our personal injury attorneys so we can get an in-depth look at your situation.

Talk to an experienced product liability attorney about your rights to compensation after an injury. For more information on your legal options, please contact Wagner & Wagner in Chattanooga, Tennessee.