Serious Work-Related Injuries

If you have suffered a broken bone or burn injury on the job, you will need immediate medical evaluation and treatment. It will most likely be obvious to your co-workers and/or supervisor that you were injured on the job when an injury is serious or catastrophic. You may be in too much pain to be concerned about financial matters yet, but soon enough, you will face the challenges of medical bills, time lost from work and other complications that go along with a serious injury.

You may leave the workplace in an ambulance if the injury is serious enough that you cannot walk out and drive yourself to a medical clinic or hospital. You may be anxious about the potential effects of your serious injury on your income or you may encounter burdensome paperwork and insurance company stalling tactics. Wagner & Wagner Attorneys at Law strongly recommends that injured workers talk to lawyers soon after a serious on-the-job injury, even if they are not sure yet whether they believe they will need legal help. Initial consultations with our Tennessee workers' compensation attorneys are free of charge. We welcome the opportunity to hear your story and offer preliminary direction and advice in a no-obligation consultation.


  • A closed head injury or traumatic brain injury caused by debris falling from shelves in a warehouse (for example), even if you believe your head injury is "mild"
  • A back injury resulting from lifting (a one-time back injury or a cumulative injury occurring over time)
  • A fall injury that has resulted in a broken bone or a spinal cord injury
  • A work-related vehicle crash that has caused lacerations, burns, blunt force trauma injuries or crush injuries

After a Dalton, Cleveland or Chattanooga workplace accident, attorneys at Wagner & Wagner can help ensure that you receive all workers' compensation benefits that you are entitled to. In addition, we can evaluate the circumstances of an on-the-job injury or fatality to determine whether you may have a viable personal injury or wrongful deathclaim against a negligent third party in addition to a workers' comp claim with your employer's insurance company.


If your serious workplace injury will leave you unable to work for a year or more, you may qualify for Social Security Disability benefits in addition to workers' compensation benefits. Our lawyers handle all types of injury claims. At your free initial consultation, we will advise you of all potential claims that we believe your case warrants. Call or email an attorney today regarding a serious workplace injury in Tennessee or Georgia.