Practice Area: Social Security Disability Insurance

If you have suffered a long-term injury and are now unable to work, the federal government may award you Social Security Disability benefits. However, the application process is complicated and confusing and has important deadlines that must be met if you are not to be denied.

The way to ensure that your paperwork is correctly filled out and all deadlines met is to have an attorney at your side with long experience in the application process. A lot of documentation is required to prove your qualifications, which will take several weeks to assemble. Then you will have a four to eight month wait to hear what the decision is. If it is negative, do not feel discouraged, as the whole process has several appeal levels and we can pursue the application for you.

While you wait, you could be eligible for a local or state public assistance program. We keep ourselves up to date on these programs so that we can make sure you are taken care of as far as possible while the federal government considers your claim.

If Your Application is Denied

About two-thirds of the time a first claim for Social Security Disability is denied. That could be because of missing information, other income you might have, deadlines missed, inadequate proof of your disability, or unclear medical information.

We can request reconsideration by a different person. If that is also denied, we can ask for a hearing in front of a judge. When you have your hearing, you will feel far more confident if you have been briefed on how things go. One of our experienced attorneys will be with you to speak on your behalf and to plead your case.

Perhaps the judge will not overturn the denial, in which case we can ask for a review by the Social Security Administration Appeals Council. If that council rejects your disability claim, we can file an appeal with a Federal District Court.

Throughout this whole sequence, we, as your disability lawyers, can represent you and present your case so that your chances of being awarded Social Security Disability benefits will be increased and your own stress level will be decreased.

Please see Common Social Security Claims for more details. 

If you would like to schedule a free consultation with one of our Social Security Disability attorneys, please call or email our law office today. We serve residents of both Tennessee and Georgia and look forward to talking with you soon.