Stopping Wage Garnishment Through Bankruptcy

Before a creditor garnishes your wages, you may or may not receive advance notice. Perhaps you have been receiving letters and phone calls demanding payment. Perhaps your creditor has turned your account over to a collection agency. Perhaps you have received legal documents in the mail that indicate that a lawsuit has been filed aimed at collecting on your debt.

Once the creditor has obtained a judgment against you, that creditor has the right and ability to seize your assets, including by way of your paycheck. Wage garnishment is one of the ways that a creditor can recover assets from a reneging debtor. For many people, the loss of even one paycheck spells financial disaster. For this reason, we hope you have arrived at this web page before losing any of your hard-earned wages to a creditor's snare. Call or email us at Wagner & Wagner Attorneys at Law to schedule a free initial consultation.


Ideally, you will discuss your financial troubles with a bankruptcy lawyer well in advance of the jolting experience of discovering that your wages have been garnished. Most people with cash flow problems experience serious disruption to their lives when wage garnishment occurs. If your wages have been garnished, you now face a legal and financial crisis and you should definitely talk to a debt relief attorney as soon as possible. Do not worry yet about "how you will pay for bankruptcy." Maybe you are unsure whether bankruptcy is the right answer in your case — talk to a bankruptcy attorney anyway! Get the information and encouragement that you need now to prevent further garnishment of your wages.

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