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Representing Car Accident Victims

Auto accidents cause more life-threatening physical injuries than any other activity. Driving can be extremely dangerous, especially when drivers ignore the rules of the road and respect the rights of others. The personal injury law firm of Wagner & Wagner has helped families in Georgia and Tennessee deal with severe injuries of all types, including brain injuriesburn injuries, and spinal cord injuries.

Looking Ahead After an Auto Injury

Victims of car, truck, boat, and pedestrian accidents often face months or even years of medical treatment after a collision. As your personal injury law firm, it is our task to compile and evaluate the diagnosis and prognosis information from your medical team in order to estimate how these injuries will affect your future. This can be a challenging task, especially when dealing with an unpredictable condition such as a brain injury.

We have handled many auto injury cases during our 65+ years of experience, and projecting possible scenarios has become second nature. Because we do not know how the injuries will change or worsen over time, we must build a life care plan based on the worst case scenario. Unfortunately for many victims, insurance adjusters offer settlements based on the evidence in front of them. It is our job to look ahead and make sure you get the funds you need to make ends meet now and farther down the road.

Discovering Your Rights

Victims of auto accidents are entitled to certain protections under state law, many of which will not be explained by insurance adjusters or addressed in auto insurance policies. In fact, very few people are actually aware of the full extent of their rights after an accident. We begin each new case by educating clients and their family members on what these laws are and how they affect the situation. Experienced Tennessee personal injury lawyers like the ones at our firm know the intricacies of these laws, which greatly benefits the outcome of your case.

Our successful Chattanooga law firm has all of the answers you are looking for. Simply contact our team and we will set you up with a free initial consultation with one of our skilled auto injury lawyers. When your family's physical and financial health is on the line, you can trust Wagner & Wagner to put the laws to work for you.