Traumatic Brain Injuries

Accidents happen, but when preventable accidents cause serious brain injuries, someone must take accountability. The law firm of Wagner & Wagner handles personal injury claims for Georgia and Tennessee residents who have become victims of traumatic brain injury through no fault of their own. Our skilled team of attorneys has been working with brain injury victims for more than 65 years, and we understand the sensitivity and dedication needed to lead families to a positive outcome.


  • Damage to the delicate brain tissue interferes with the neurological message system that makes movement and cognitive processing possible. Serious brain injuries often involve long-term consequences, including paralysis, sensory issues, cognitive difficulty, memory loss, depression, and deterioration of motor skills. It can be nearly impossible to pinpoint how a traumatic brain injury affects victims and their families, especially since many symptoms develop over time. It is common for a brain injury victim to experience subtle personality changes, often a very difficult aspect for family members to deal with.
  • Treatment extends far beyond surgery or medication; brain injury victims may require years of speech or physical therapy, cognitive retraining, vocational rehabilitation, and adaptive medical equipment. Many brain injury victims will have their lives cut short by fatal complications.


Our compassionate team of Tennessee and Georgia brain injury attorneys is here to help your family get the compensation you need to care for an injured loved one. We assist clients who have sustained brain injuries as a result of auto accidents, truck accidents, boating accidents, construction accidents, slip and fall accidents, negligent security, and defective products. The Wagners' 65+ years in practice has uniquely prepared us to investigate your accident, file a personal injury claim on your behalf, and prosecute the careless or negligent person responsible for the traumatic brain injury that has affected your family so deeply. We will work diligently to ensure you receive full compensation to cover medical bills, rehabilitation costs, lost income, supplies and equipment, loss of enjoyment of life and pain and suffering.

At Wagner & Wagner, we want to help victims and their families get the resources they need to survive. We dedicate significant time to representing brain injury victims, and we would be honored to help you. Please call or email us today and we will meet with your family during a no-charge case analysis.