Workers' compensation law

Are you checking the mailbox nervously each day, hoping and praying that the Workers’ Compensation program will approve your application for benefits? If you have already applied for benefits, or you are just beginning to research the process, Wagner & Wagner is a Tennessee law firm that can teach you about Workers’ Comp laws and help you apply in the most strategic manner. Wagner & Wagner can help you in Tennessee and Georgia workers’ compensation cases.

The Chattanooga Workers’ Comp lawyers at Wagner & Wagner dedicate a large portion of their business day to helping injured workers seek benefits. If one family member becomes a client through Workers Comp, it is not uncommon for us to represent several family members who work for the same company.


Recently, state of Tennessee Workers’ Comp laws have changed to impose certain limitations on benefit awards. However, our seasoned attorneys are often able to use the facts to highlight situations where your case can be helped. For example, clients with injuries defined as “catastrophic” by the program can seek an amount above and beyond limitations that would otherwise apply.

Changes to the laws also now require Tennessee injured workers to go through a mediation process before filing a lawsuit. If a solution is not reached through mediation, Workers’ Comp applicants must obtain an official document that states they are able to proceed with filing. Your Wagner & Wagner lawyer can guide you through these steps and make sure your paperwork is submitted properly. Wagner & Wagner has litigated thousands of claims and is ready to help you.


After Workers’ Comp claims are filed, some employers may attempt to prevent claimants from getting ahead by reassigning them to lower-paid jobs or cutting back their hours. In some cases, an employer may outright fire an employee for filing a claim. These practices are unfair and illegal, and when you hire us to handle your claim, we can make sure this does not happen.


While federal employees may apply for Workers’ Compensation benefits with the federal government, other employees must submit applications through their state departments. Please visit your state Workers’ Comp agency for more information on local laws:

Let us handle all the details while you concentrate on getting the medical care you need. For more information on your right to benefits, please contact us to schedule a confidential, no-cost consultation with the aggressive, compassionate, and hard-working Workers Compensation lawyers at Wagner & Wagner in Chattanooga, Tennessee today.