Practice Area: Workers' Compensation

When you work hard all your life to pay all your bills and support your family members, an accident happening suddenly can change everything. It is not necessarily your fault at all – some type of equipment may malfunction or a safety measure may be ignored by somebody, and you may find yourself unable to work for a while.

In more severe cases, a person may be permanently disabled and compelled to accept support from a government program or a local organization. Sometimes an alternative type of work can be learned.

Of all the legal issues that we deal with here at Wagner & Wagner, Workers’ Compensation can be the most complex. The Workers’ Compensation program is administered by the Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development and although they have Representatives and Specialists to answer questions and assist you, we suggest that you contact us anyway if your patience is at all limited. By having your own Workers’ Comp attorney, you can get answers quickly and never have to wait on hold or in line. Let our trial experience work for you.

What to Do if You Are Injured on the Job

You need to report the injury right away. If you are badly hurt or unconscious from the injury, you have 15 days to report it. For all injuries that require medical attention your employer must complete form C-20, The First Report of Work Injury. Your employer has to report your claim to their insurance carrier and must give you a written list of three physician names (plus the name of a chiropractor if you have sustained a back injury).

You are asked to choose one for your medical care and once you choose one, this will be your authorized doctor. If you must be off work for more than seven days, you may be entitled to temporary disability payments starting on the eighth day. If you are off for 14 days or more, you may be entitled temporary disability payments from the first day. As your Workers’ Comp attorneys, we will help you get that arranged.

The law says that your employer’s insurance company must tell you within 15 days whether or not your claim is approved. If it is denied, the company must give you documentation explaining why. In that situation, having your own Workers’ Compensation lawyer can help, as we have much experience dealing with the Tennessee and Georgia Workers’ Compensation laws and know how to present your case.

The best thing you can do to help your case along is to contact us as soon after your workplace injury as you can. We will know what paperwork is required, when it is due, how to complete it correctly, and what to do next. You can consider us your own Workers’ Compensation center. If any others in your family also need help from a Workers’ Compensation lawyer, please feel free to give them our phone number.

We are here to help you. Please call or email our Chattanooga law office today if you would like legal help with Workers’ Compensation for a workplace injury.