Practice Area: Wrongful Death Cases & Personal Injury Law

The unexpected and untimely passing of a loved one can leave a family devastated. Dealing with your own personal grief over the loss can be a seemingly impossible challenge, especially when you are forced to explain the event to children and other family members.

At the Chattanooga, Tennessee personal injury law firm of Wagner & Wagner, we represent families who have lost those dearest to them due to another person’s negligence. Our exceptional team has been handling wrongful death cases since 1945, and we know how to help your family get the public apology you deserve.

Hiring our experienced wrongful death attorneys will not erase the pain of losing a family member, but it will help you and yours survive with substantial financial compensation.

Wrongful Death Investigations

If you suspect your loved one’s death was the result of negligence, the first step is to contact Wagner & Wagner for a no-charge wrongful death consultation. We will go over all of the laws that you should know about and educate you about your rights as surviving family members.

Once you decide to hire us to represent your wrongful death claim, our team will begin a thorough investigation. We start with the actual event that resulted in fatal injuries and work backwards to determine what factors contributed to your loved one’s death. We examine the history and character of the person and/or company responsible for the injuries. We look for inconsistencies, patterns, and credible witnesses. All of this research goes into building a valid, respectable foundation for your case. Throughout the process, we make sure you and your family members are involved in any decision making, and we do not make any moves without your consent. At the end of it all, we hope to have undeniable proof that your loved one’s death could have been prevented.

Types of Wrongful Death Cases

A wrongful death claim may be based on any type of activity that infringed on your loved one’s rights and resulted in harm. The most common types of wrongful death cases we handle are deaths resulting from car accidents, but we also handle truck accidents, boating accidents, construction accidents, nursing home abuse, defective products, premises liability, negligent security, and medical malpractice. We will work hard to show that the fatal injuries were the result of another’s actions, and that those actions were egregious or outside the realm of reasonable behavior or accepted standards.

If you have lost a loved one unexpectedly, and you feel you have grounds for a wrongful death case, please contact the personal injury team of Wagner & Wagner right away. We are here to show your family compassion and provide crucial legal advice as you seek justice for the harm that was done.